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Manufacturers' Representatives; Equipment, Systems, and Services to the Process Industries

We represent manufacturers of high-value equipment & systems for process, material-handling, & pollution-control applications.

For the Food Industry, these include:

s2red78107.gif (1144 bytes) Process Equipment
  • Homogenizer: Mechanical high-shear rotor-stator homogenizer for stable emulsions and suspensions, long shelf life, rich mouth-feel. Exceptional for tomato & nectar products. Kinematica
  • Dry Ingredient Batching and Handling Systems: Automate drys batching, mini-bulk, & bulk-fill systems.   Ingredient Masters
  • Precise Liquid Dispensers: Dispense / fill, accuracy to 0.05% for flavors, fragrances, market trials, etc.   AccuFill
  • Dewatering screw press: Dewater process or waste streams for low moisture. Reduce drying or hauling costs.   Vincent Corp.
  • Liquid filters: Automatic Centrifugal-Discharge filter w/ automatic cake discharge. Filter. wash, dry, auto-discharge cake/.... w/out opening the filter. Also plate-and-frame & diaphragm presses.
  • Labellers, labels: Small volume label applicators.
  • Liquid mixers, evaporators, dryers, concentrators, reactors for high-viscosity materials.
  • In-line solid-liquid blender. Powder wetter-disperser for high-solids, lump-free gum & thickener mixes; in-line solids / liquid dispersion.
  • C-I-P / S-I-P: Clean-in-Place components & systems design.
  • Plate heat exchangers, pasteurizers   NIRO/GEA Ahlborn
  • Portable stainless pressure vessels: USDA, 3A, ASME, UL DOT/UN, VIII, Div. 1, 0.5-110 gal. portable, 304 & 316 stainless/sanitary electropolished pressure tanks, valves, gauges
  • Agitated jacketed kettles: Single & double-motion, scraped-surface jacketed kettles, concentrators.
  • Small-volume homogenizer: Economical fractional ml. through scale-up (30 L/hr.) high-pressure homogenizer.
  • Liquid Strainers: Simplex and duplex self-wiping auto-discharge strainers for process and waste streams   Hellan Filters
  • Enviromizer:   Environmizer Systems Corp.

Material Handling, Plant Operations, Pollution Control

  • Liquid Strainers: Simplex/duplex self-wiping auto-discharge.
  • Chlorine generators for disinfection: Non-toxic, environmentally-safe on-site chlorine generators for process and waste-water disinfection. Avoid bulk CI and hypochlorite   Oxi Corp.
  • Pneumatic vacuum conveyor. Simple, sanitary, way to convey bulk material, eliminate dust & lifting. Ideal to fill hoppers, load/unload dryers & blenders, transfer to/from size reduction equipment. Inherently X-P.    HFI Pneum-A-Vac
  • Vibratory feeders: volumetric & L-I-W for dry materials. Feeders with unequaled accuracy. 100:1 turndown    Arbo Engineering
  • Drum & Pail Fillers, cappers: One, 5, & 55-gallon liquid pail and drum fillers and cappers.   Crandall International 
  • Drum Warmers: Roller Conveyors: Steam or Electric "Hot Boxes" for heating drums, pails, totes.   LEWCO, Inc.
  • Ergonomic Manipulators: Manual vacuum lifter / manipulators, drum hoists, monorails. & gantries.   Coleman Systems
  • VOC incinerators: Thermal regenerative, recuperative, & catalytic incinerators & concentrators.   CSM Environmental
  • Dust Collection: Innovative "Core Separator" technology for recovery / emission control of dusts.   LSR Technologies
  • Automatic backwash cartridge filter/strainers: Auto back-flush in-line filter for process fluids, circulating liquids, waste and cooling water.
  • Screeners: Compact multi-screen, high-rate sifters.
  • Modular pretreatment biodigestors: Modular aerobic & anaerobic  wastewater pretreatment biodigesters.
  • Compressed air dryers, desiccant, filters, traps, drains, humidity & dew point meters, condensate oil/water separators.

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